HDFC bank Whatsapp Banking? How to subscribe it? Its uses and benefits.

WhatsApp Banking, a change for new generation. It’s good to see that Bank are implementing innovative ideas to make banking easy and more accessible to the common people. 

WhatsApp is the most commonly used messaging app. Literally it’s used by students, professionals even the farmar and any person who hold a smartphone. In fact, the most popular messaging app of the era. 

As such, HDFC Bank fully utilise the potential of WhatsApp and turn it into banking friendly app. Not to mention it’s ease of use. 

So, let’s see what is HDFC WhatsApp banking and what type of services it going to serve us. 

HDFC WhatsApp Banking

HDFC has come up with a great idea to reach out it’s customers. WhatsApp banking is a kind of bridge which would filled up the gap of better customer service. 

HDFC WhatsApp Banking is a banking platform where one can make general banking enquiries such as credit card available limit, various Bank product, loan eligibility, pre-approved loan enquiry, ATM and branch location enquiry, finding out IFSC codes etc. 

The service does not cost a penny. All you need is an active WhatsApp messanger user. 

Company has announced that as of now fewer number of services is available, but it also mentioned the services would expand ultimately. 

We hope the services will be seamless with more facilities. It’s seen that users are already having a positive views on this. 

Imagine how great it would be! chatting with friends and family over WhatsApp and without using another app, if you could send money directly on WhatsApp. 

It might be Or it might not. But if it comes with the facility of financial transactions, it would be awesome. 

As of now the service is not available for NRIs. But expectation is high and NRIs would definitely get its own turn. 

Features of WhatsApp Banking HDFC

  • The service is available 24/7 throughout the year, even on holidays. 
  • You do not have to be a customer of HDFC Bank. All are welcome to use the service. 
  • High level security with end to end encryption of data. 

We have seen the following services available in its platform. These are as mentioned below. 

  • Opening new account called Insta Account. 
  • Credit card services. 
  • Account services. 
  • Consumer duration loans. 
  • Location based services. 
  • Applying Pre-approved loans and EMI. 
  • Find out loan eligibility. 
  • Find out and apply debit card loan on EMI.
  • Apply for Bank new product. 

How to use HDFC WhatsApp banking? 

Step I

Add HDFC Bank WhatsApp number 7065970659 to your phone. Open WhatsApp messanger and subscribe by sending message ‘SUB’ to HDFC WhatsApp registration number. 

Step II

Open the WhatsApp messanger and continue by sending ‘Hi’. You will get a number of option. You may choose and continue as per your requirement. 

You will get to see the confirmation message as shown in the picture.

How to unsubscribe HDFC WhatsApp banking? 

This product is available to everyone. Subscription to avail the service is quite easy as mentioned above. If at any time, you think of quitting the service, you may do so easily. 

To unsubscribe WhatsApp banking, all you need to do is just send a message. 

Here, you will have to write ‘UNSUB’ and send the message to HDFC WhatsApp banking number 7065970659.

When you do this, you may stop getting all alert and account or card related services. However, you may still continue to enquire any general matters such as product details, finding HDFC branch, ATM booth locations and other queries. 

You can subscribe back again at any time as you please. It’s quite a flexible service. 


We can expect the service to be good and more reliable in the coming days. HDFC Bank has done a tremendous job to cater it’s customer and non customer in highest possible ways. 

Choosing WhatsApp as a medium is kind of innovation that the new generation might enjoy as well. 

If in any case, you are unable to use the service due to various reasons including technical issues. You may contact to or visit the bank’s official website

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