Unable to login SBI YONO business? Here’s what you need to do.

YONO Business is an internet banking application of the State Bank of India, meant for business accounts. One can use the facility on mobile as well as in desktop mode through the bank’s Official website

If you have a business current account at SBI, you can avail of the facility. Registration is quite simple and hassle-free. Get the mobile app on playstore and get it activated instantly. 

Recently, most users came up with queries related to login issues. One of them is the user being asked to provide a profile password. 

The problem goes like this: until yesterday, it was working perfectly fine, but today, as you try to login, the system prompts you to reset your profile password.

Even after resetting the password, it does not go through. The user is stuck in a never-ending loop. It keeps asking to reset the profile password every time the user tries to login. 

As weird as it may sound, it does happen, and the reason behind it is quite simple and reasonable too.

How do we solve this issue? Is it going to be a difficult task? Or is it just a few clicks away from resolving it? Let’s find it out. 

Before we do that, let’s grab some basics about the SBI YONO business. 

What is the SBI YONO business? 

State Bank of India provides its customer with internet banking facilities for both retail as well as corporate customers. SBI YONO is an Internet banking platform where all sorts of financial and non-financial transactions are offered. 

For retail customers, it’s simply SBI YONO, where you have to have an account to operate it. It may be a savings Bank account or a current account. 

For corporate customers, it’s called SBI YONO business. So, it’s basically an Internet banking platform for business purposes where there will be more facilities and higher transaction limits. 

Why did it happen? 

There are certain terms and conditions the bank has laid down to make your financial dealings secure. By using net banking, all the risks are being borne by you. If you do any mistake bank may not be able to give you a proper solution. 

For example, if you compromise your Internet banking credentials and a few fraudulent transactions occurred, the bank may not be able to refund the lost fund. As it’s your duty to safeguard your property. It’s clearly written in the bank’s terms and conditions while availing of the net banking facility. 

Likewise, banks also do not want you to be on the losing side. In order to avoid misuse, changing of login password at regular intervals of time is recommended. Bank put this time frame as 90 days to change the password. 

Usually, the bank sends a notification when the login password is about to expire. If you do not change it before time lapses, you would not be able to login SBI YONO business. 

You will get a notification to reset your profile password which may not work even after resetting it. If that’s the case here’s what you need to do. 

How to fix it? 

There are 2 scenarios here. You can try one after another. If the first one does not work the latter will definitely do the trick. 

Case 1

When you login to SBI YONO business the system prompts you to provide the profile password. Then go along with it. Hit the profile password and see if it asks to reset the login password. 

If it is so, reset it on the spot and your YONO business will be fine. Though remember to reset the login password at regular intervals, recommended within 90 days. 

Case 2

If the above case is not working out for you then there’s no way you can do it on your own. It’s quite different from retail internet banking where you could reset using an ATM card or account number. 

You have to visit the bank and let the dealing staff reset both your login as well as profile password. Only then it will work. 

Post approval steps to be taken by you. 

When your bank is done approving resetting your login as well as profile password. You need to follow the steps mention below. 

Sl NoSteps to be taken
Go to SBI’s official website onlinesbi.com
Select YONO Business
Click on Trouble Loggin in
Click the drop-down menu and select
Provide the reference number, User name and account number. 
Send OTP and reset the login password. 
Now login to SBI YONO business again and reset the Profile Password

Basically, these are the thing you need to do in order to regain access to your SBI YONO business account. Now that all the steps have been mentioned, I hope if any such issue occurs you might be able to resolve it quite easily. 

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