Recurring deposits- Save money for future use!

I guess most of you must have heard and know about recurring deposits. This article is especially for those who want to know about recurring deposits. The service is available in all the banks in India. From nationalized banks such as SBI, and Vijaya Bank to private limited banks such as ICICI, HDFC and also … Read more

Fixed deposit auto rollover, what’s in it for you?

Maintaining a term deposit account or you may say a fixed deposit in a bank is a pretty simple task. Nowadays without visiting a bank you can open directly through your internet banking. All is done digitally both opening as well as closing of your account.  At times when your fixed deposit gets matured you … Read more

Fixed deposit rates -India

Do you want to save your fund and that also without any risk involved? Or you have an idle fund where you don’t want to invest in the money market or a mutual fund, but still, you are unable to think of a better way. It is simple, you just put your fund in a … Read more