SBI Bulk Posting: Effortless Banking Transactions For You

SBI Bulk Posting

Have you seen the narration bulk posting in your SBI bank account statement? You may or may not have seen it, but here’s what SBI bulk posting means.

A bulk posting is an effortless way of performing multiple credits with a single posting.

It saves a lot of time for the consumer to pay a certain group of people.

For instance, if you have a business with 20 employees, you have to pay their salaries either in cash or through an account payee.

The bulk posting comes in when you pay their salary to the bank account.

What is a Bulk Posting?

A bulk posting is a batch transaction that allows you to transfer funds with a single debit and multiple credits. To understand it in a simple way, in bulk posting, you debit your bank account a certain amount and transfer it to multiple bank accounts.

You can perform bulk posting transactions online as well as with the help of a bank.

Online Bulk Posting Transaction: The feature is available in business accounts only. SBI does not provide online services to personal banking consumers.

SBI YONO Business is an online banking platform for a business account. With SBI Internet Banking, you can make multiple payments with a single debit from your bank account.

Manual Bulk Posting Transaction: Irrespective of the type of bank account, whether a business current account or a personal bank account, you can use the bulk posting service with the presentation of a cheque.

Provide a cheque with a list of bank accounts where you want to transfer funds. The bank will process it for you.

Why Choose SBI Bulk Posting? Its Benefits

Choosing bulk posting to pay your employees’ salaries is a wise decision. Here’s why?

  • It saves time to process salaries or any sort of payment, which otherwise would take days to complete the transaction.
  • Your employees get their salaries on the same day. There is no late payment, which brings satisfaction to your employees, making them more productive. As you know, the concept of pay as you work.
  • There is less chance of wrong credit. Once your data is created and saved, you can use it over and over again.
  • Cost savings, as you don’t have to provide multiple cheques to effect the payment transaction. With one cheque you can wrap up the whole process. Online service is even better.

Managing Bulk Transactions

You have a list of bank accounts. Make an Excel sheet with proper headings such as name, address, bank account number, amount to be paid, and designation.

Once you have a clear master file, save it for future use. In case, there is a change in employees, you can update and manage as per the requirements.

So, the master file can be verified within a few minutes. You can upload the edited file to use for bulk posting in online banking.

This edited sheet can be presented to the bank along with a cheque for manual bulk posting.

With this tactic, you might be able to save time for your business and streamline your payments in a much better and more effective way.

Bulk Posting in SBI Bank Account

If you are a salaried person drawing your salary from SBI, you must have seen it multiple times in your passbook statement. For salary payment, the statement narration is Bulk Posting By Salary.

The particular transaction pertains to your monthly salary credited by the bank with your department’s payment order.

For bulk posting to be successfully executed, you have to have the following conditions fulfilled. These are:

  • Your bank account has been provided correctly to the payment authority.
  • The IFSC code of the bank branch is precise.
  • Your name is correctly spelled in the payment list.
  • If you have changed the home branch, submit the account details once again.

Why your department relies on bulk posting is a good question. Every month, your cashier must visit the bank and do his duty to get the employees’ salaries credited on time.

When doing these transactions bill by bill and one by one, you can imagine how much time and labour it would have taken. For him as well as for the clerk who is in the bank.

With bulk posting, the hard labour is done away, and with a single pay order or a cheque, you can literally pay a list of employees or a group of people. It’s as simple as that.

What Sort of Transactions Are Done with Bulk Posting?

Other than salary payments, you can see a number of transactions marked as bulk posting. You may think of it this way.

Any sort of transaction that requires multiple payouts can use bulk posting transactions. Be it salary payments, honorariums, scholarship payments, or pension payments.

Bank usually does these transactions with their bulk posting service most of the time. That’s why you are seeing it in your passbook or bank account statement.

Accidental Bulk Posting Credit to Your Account

Yes, it does happen more often than you think. This sort of credit happens due to a clerical error when posting it in the system.

Either way, the error occurred when making the master file. This pertains to the error made by the sender. That’s why data purification is very important when executing bulk posting transactions, especially when you do online transactions.

Once the data is uploaded, there’s no way you can reverse it but to request a refund from the owner of the bank account that you wrongly credited.

Manual data that you have provided to the bank may have different implications. It’s because when there’s a mismatch between the account number and the account holder’s name, the bank will contact you for a correction.

So, what if the accidental credit comes to your bank account? It might be a slight problem for you, but you can address the issue with your bank and resolve it with acknowledgement from the bank.

At times, your bank may put a hold on your bank account. It’s not a good thing to happen, but you can always get in touch with your bank and let them do the correction process.


Bulk Posting transactions are an effective way of performing a baking transaction that saves time as well as the transaction cost. It allows you to transfer funds with a single debit to your account and credit to multiple bank accounts.

SBI bulk posting is a useful service that can be used by a person having a business establishment or any government organisation. The best tools for paying employees’ salaries have the potential to make uniform payments in a single sitting.

If you are one of the consumers who pays regular salaries to your employees, pay via bulk posting instead of cash payment. It will be more efficient for you in terms of accounting as well as having a good employer-employee relationship.

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