Block your SBI ATM card instantly in 4 easy ways, but why you need to do that?

Everybody should know how to block ATM cards instantly irrespective of bank. I will tell you why it’s important and it may even save you later on.

Nowadays, fraudsters are everywhere and sometimes we unknowingly compromise our ATM card details believing these fraudsters are trying to help us.

There are a lot of ways we could end up compromising our card details. It can be card skimming, phishing or pharming. These are the techniques fraudsters are using to dupe people all over the world. 

But if such an incidence occurs, our basic instinct is how to stop or prevent the damage. The only way to save ourselves is to block the ATM card instantly, which would prevent further damage to the account linked with that card.

Basic things you need to know about your card

Every ATM card has a specific number assigned to it which we called it an ATM card number. Its digits differ from bank to bank. SBI has 16 digits.

This number is required while paying online purchases and other transactions such as bill payments, fees payment etc.

On the back side of your card, you will see a 3-digit code written in a box which is called CVV. It means Card Verification Value. 

This CVV is required for the completion of your transaction if you pay online rather than swiping your card at the outlets such as shopping malls or any other vendors where the POS machine is installed.

So altogether, there are 3 main things that are required for online purchases and payments. These are Your card number, expiry date and CVV number.

No matter what you need to safeguard these 3 things at any cost.

So how to block your SBI ATM card

SBI ATM cards can be blocked in many ways. State bank of India has given 4 options for card blocking.

  • By sending an SMS from your registered mobile number.
  • Through internet banking.
  • By calling customer helpline.
  • By visiting any nearby SBI branch.

Awesome right? I mean you do not have to worry at all if you have lost or stolen your ATM card. Or if you have compromised your details to a fraudster, you can instantly block your ATM card to avoid huge financial loss.

1. Blocking SBI ATM card by SMS

You can block your ATM card easily by sending a message from the registered mobile number. Send by writing “BLOCK<Space>XXXX to 567676 where XXXX stands for the last 4 digits of your ATM card.

Once it’s done, you will get a confirmatory message which contains the ticket number, and time of card blocking.

2. Blocking through internet banking

There are actually 3 ways you can go for it. As SBI has 3 platforms for internet banking. These are as follows

  • Through SBI YONO Lite
  • Through SBI YONO
  • And through the web version of internet banking.

Through SBI YONO Lite

  • Log in to SBI YONO lite.
  • On the main screen, you will see the “Manage Cards Menu”.
  • Click on that, you will be guided to the next screen where you can hotlist your ATM card.
  • Select the account number, and card to be blocked and confirm.

The menu looks like this

YONO lite

Through SBI YONO

  • Log in to SBI YONO
  • Go to the main menu and click on to  “Service Request” menu.
  • On the next page select the “Block ATM/Debit card” menu under ATM/Debit card services.
  • Provide your internet banking profile password.
  • Select your account number, and choose the ATM card you want to block.
  • You can choose either to block temporarily or permanently.

Through the web version of SBI internet banking

  • Log in to SBI Internet banking.
  • Under the main menu, select e-services.
  • On the next screen, you will see the “ATM Card services” menu. Select and proceed.
  • Click on to “Card Blocking” menu on the next screen.
  • Select your account number, and card number and confirm.
  • Your card will be blocked and a confirmatory message will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Select e-services

Select ATM Card Services

Select Block ATM Card

3. Blocking SBI ATM cards through tele-calling

The simplest way of blocking your card is by calling the SBI Customer Care number which is provided on the back side of the card. 

The helpline numbers imprinted on the card are 1800-112-211/1800-425-3800/0091-80-2659-9990. You can call up these numbers and block your card instantly.

They may verify your card number and details of your card such as the account number linked with the card, registered mobile number, name of the cardholder and why you want to block the card.

If you provide these details correctly your card will be blocked successfully and the confirmatory message will be sent to your registered mobile number.

4. Blocking SBI ATM Cards at Branches

Last but not the least, if you are not comfortable using all the options given earlier, you can still visit any SBI branch near your place and block your card.

But if you want to block instantly without wastage any time, it’s better to do it on your end.

Either by calling the helpline number or through SMS mode. 

Blocking through internet banking is also less time-consuming provided you have a good internet connection.

You have lost or stolen your ATM card and you don’t know the card number? 

No need to panic, you can still block your card by telecalling the ATM card helpline number 1800-112-211/1800-425-3800

You can also visit your home branch and get it blocked if you don’t have access to internet banking. 

So, overall it’s quite simple yet it is a necessity for everyone to know how and when to block ATM cards if any such untoward incident occurs.

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