Apply SBI ATM debit card Online and Offline

SBI ATM debit cards are one of the best ATM cards which are used by millions of Indians. There are a number of card types and variants available for account holders. Applying it as per your requirement and applying for the best one which suits your income would be satisfying. How do we apply for … Read more

ATM Card and Google Pay- How They Are Inseparable?

The service that Google gives you on Google Pay is commendable, but have you ever thought about how it works? Google Pay service is a revolution to online payments. Those small household payments are well handled by the payment app. Google pay is undeniably the people’s best choice for payment apps. But, many times people … Read more

How to activate your SBI ATM card and generate ATM PIN in 3 different ways

How to activate your SBI ATM card in 3 simple different ways. When you receive a brand new ATM card it has to activate within certain hours. Usually, it’s preferable if you do it within 48 hours. Yes, that’s right. Without completing this process, you would not be able to use it. This article will … Read more

ATM card frauds, voice phishing- how to avoid fraudsters!

Do you get calls from someone who impersonates a bank employee?  If you do, then you already know the consequences. Those are fraudsters calling you to steal your money.  They normally work as a disguise with a good sense of communication skill sets. They are well articulated and would try to befool you.  No matter … Read more

ATM and its basic function. How ATM card enables account transaction?

Do you know, the global ATM market value as on 2021 was around 23 billion US dollar? The figure is as per Statista, the Research and Information Design Agency, Germany.  In the year 2018, it’s market value was just 18.4 billion dollar. It is expected to surpass  the 44 billion dollar mark by the year … Read more