Can we fix SBI ATM transaction error code 088 -Unable to process?

SBI ATM card transaction error code 088 Can we really fix the issue? If so, how? It’s seen that many card users had the issue, and it’s quite frustrating to be unable to transact through an ATM card. Besides, it seems there is no solution available on the bank’s official website. Unless you visit the … Read more

SBI ATM error codes

ATM cards are one of the best things banks have given us. Without it, our daily lives would be different. Every time we need money or want to pay someone, we have to visit the bank. ATM cards have given us the freedom to make various payments both online and offline. With its multiple benefits, … Read more

ATM and its Basic Function | How ATM card enables Account Transaction?

Do you know, the global ATM market value as of 2021 was around 23 billion US dollars? The figure is as per Statista, the Research and Information Design Agency, Germany. In 2018, its market value was just 18.4 billion dollars. It is expected to surpass the 44 billion dollar mark by the year 2047.  Lately, … Read more

ATM Failed Transaction-How to Get Back Your Money

ATM failed transaction is a common issue that happens to many of us. It can be while cashing out funds at an ATM booth, POS payment over the counter at shopping malls or during online purchases. Money got debited from your account but the beneficiary did not get the fund. Or when you have done a … Read more

ATM Card and Google Pay- How They Are Inseparable?

The service that Google gives you on Google Pay is commendable, but have you ever thought about how it works? Google Pay service is a revolution to online payments. Those small household payments are well handled by the payment app. Google pay is undeniably the people’s best choice for payment apps. But, many times people … Read more