Expired SBI ATM card | How to Renew Expired SBI ATM card Online

If you are a consumer of the State Bank of India, you must have come across many issues when using your SBI ATM card.

Problems such as non-acceptance of ATM cards at ATM, wrong PIN, Invalid cards, Inoperative accounts, non-linking of ATM with account, and so on.

At times, the reason could be minor. Such as the system is unable to read the card. This happens when the card is unable to be read by the card reader.

When you retry after cleaning your card or when you try at another ATM, it may work.

It may also be because of other technical issues or ATM network connectivity failures. In such cases, your ATM card should work with a few more trials. 

At the same time, you would find ATM card issues and problems that need to be addressed properly in order to get it fixed. An expired ATM card is one such issue that you need to address properly. 

So, here is what you must know about SBI ATM cards.

When your SBI ATM card expires next month or in the near coming days, can it be extended the expiry date? The answer is no.

You can not get the opportunity for an extension but you would get a new one instead.

Actually, there are several ways to get a new SBI ATM card. One is, that you can apply ATM card by visiting the home branch where you maintained your savings bank or current account.

Secondly, you can apply for an SBI ATM card online either through SBI YONO or SBI net banking.

Thirdly, when your ATM card is about to expire, you may get an SMS alert regarding the issuance of a new card.

This happens automatically when your bank account is active and proper identification and address details are fed into the system.

The processes are simple and you might be able to handle the task easily.

Now, let’s see how to renew your SBI ATM card when it expires. But before that, let’s have a glimpse of about SBI ATM card.

All About the SBI ATM Card

State Bank of India has a number of ATM card variants that are specific as per end-user requirements.

We have seen SBI Global Card, SBI Classic Card, SBI Gold Card, SBI Platinum Card, SBI Intouch Tap and Go Card, SBI Wealth Card and many others specified for corporates and government organizations.

Normally, these cards come with a validity of 4 to 5 years. There were a few other cards that have a validity of more than 5 years but the bank stopped issuing these cards anymore. 

What to do When SBI ATM Card is Expired?

There are a few things you need to check, such as when your ATM card is going to expire, whether have you got any SMS alert related to card expiry, or whether have you been contacted by the bank to submit the KYC documents.

All of these are related to the SBI card renewal process.

Or, you can directly verify the card expiry details on your card. After knowing this, you may follow these steps:

Scenarios You can ExpectWhat You Can Do?
Visiting SBI BranchYou can always get a new SBI ATM card by submitting the ATM application form to the designated counter. The bank may ask for your KYC if required.
Applying SBI ATM onlineIf you are enjoying SBI Internet Banking, you may use the service to get a new ATM card. The provision is that your bank account should be active and should have proper address details.
Bank Sends you the new ATM card without doing anythingUnder normal circumstances, when your card is about to expire, the bank sends you a new ATM card prior to one month before the card expiry. Here too, your bank account should be active and the address should be proper

Nonetheless, when everything is done from your end, you might be able to get a brand new SBI ATM card within a few days.

You can expect this to happen within 5 to 10 days. It depends on the area that you are staying.

But, before all these happen, you verify and update a few things in your account, to avoid the non-delivery of the parcel.

Below are some of the useful tips you can implement to avoid non-delivery of SBI ATM Cards at the designated address.

  • Make sure to update your KYC well in time. It’s important because when your SBI bank account is active and KYC is compliant, the new ATM card will be delivered without you doing anything.
  • Check if your address is precise and reachable. Verify your address along with the area PIN to avoid non-delivery of the parcel. It’s important because the bank will charge you if the ATM card is returned undelivered.
  • See if your name is okay in the passbook, as it would be embossed in your new ATM card, you would want to get it error-free.
  • And last but not least, see if your contact number is okay or not. If you think that your number is not reachable better update a new one as the bank might contact you. 

Here are the common ATM error codes. Refer to troubleshoot your card effectively.

Ask your Bank

When you are sure that your ATM card is going to expire soon, it’s better if you act on time beforehand. Do not wait for the last-minute run.

Moreover, it’s easy to know when it’s going to expire. You may find it on the backside of the card, just below the card number and above your name tag. 

So, here is what you should ask your bank.

  • Ask your bank about your bank account KYC status. It might help when you are expecting to get a renewed SBI ATM Card.
  • Whether a new card has been issued against your account or not?
  • You can track your ATM card. Ask for the Speed Post Tracking number.
  • If not issued, ask for an ATM card application form and apply.
  • If everything is proper in your account. Just go ahead and apply for a fresh one.


Getting one’s ATM card expired or lost, is a very common thing. It happens to most of us. One needs to know what to do if the card is getting expired or lost. A simple application form would do the trick or even without doing anything your new card will be at your doorstep if it’s the case of card expiry. 

Whereas if an ATM card is lost, the process is different. You have to apply manually by branch visit or online through the bank’s internet banking. But it is advisable that you get your ATM card blocked by tele-calling the customer helpline, online net banking or by your bank directly.

Expired ATM card? make sure you get the brand new on time. Because your ATM card will just be a piece of worthless plastic. It can not be extended but you will get a new one before the existing card expires. If you do not get it, better get in touch with the bank.

How to generate PIN number of SBI ATM card?


How to renew expired SBI ATM card online?

You can apply online through SBI YONO or SBI Internet Banking. The menu for applying for a new ATM card is available under Card Service menu.

How to renew expired SBI ATM card offline?

For applying SBI ATM card offline, you have to visit your SBI home branch and submit the ATM card application form. Carry along your KYC document, the concerned staff may ask for it.

How to get SBI ATM card expiry date?

You can refer to your ATM card to know the card expiry date. It is visible on the front side of the card, just below the card number.

Can you still use expired ATM card?

No, the system won’t allow you. It will throw an error message of Expired Card.

How long does it take to get a new SBI ATM card?

It may take a few days to several. Depends on your area. Generally, you can expect it within 5 to 10 days.

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