Can we fix SBI ATM transaction error code 088 -Unable to process?

SBI ATM card transaction error code 088

Can we really fix the issue? If so, how? It’s seen that many card users had the issue and it’s quite frustrating being unable to transact through an ATM card. Besides, it seems there is no solution available on the bank’s official website. Unless you visit the bank this problem might not go away. 

Error Code 088

Reasons behind error code 088

When you go to an ATM booth for cashing out money and if you face the error code 088 issue, then there may be either one of 2 reasons.

Reason 1:

The ATM is unable to read your card properly. In this case, either your ATM is damaged due to wear and tear of long use or the ATM card reader of that specific bank is not functional. 

Your account details are stored in the ATM memory chip. If you casually keep it in your wallet then there is a good chance that your card memory chip is damaged. 

Here, the solution would be to get a fresh ATM card right away. 

Reason 2:

If you are using an old ATM card, see if it’s a magnetic strip card. Bank has long discontinued issuing magnetic strip ATM cards due to their low-security features. 

Ever since banks are issuing only EMV chip ATM cards. By the way, EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. It refers to a card with a memory chip. 

Back to the topic, if your ATM card is a magnetic strip card. It is obvious that it would not work at all and the card reader will fail to do its task with the reason error code 088- unable to process. 

So, how do we fix it? 

Yeah, definitely that’s the issue. How do we fix it? In case if you are outstation and badly in need of quick cash, what do we have to do? Any alternatives might as well work. Let’s see some viable options. 

  1. If your ATM is an EMV chip card, then trying different ways would not lose anything. You may clean the card with a clean cloth, a handkerchief will do. Clean it nicely and try it once again. It might surprise you. 
  2. An alternative is, if you are using SBI YONO, then you might be able to encash money upto ₹  20000 without an ATM card. This one is really nice. Try it out and I guess you will get used to it. 
  3. If you can use the SBI Bhim QR code for payment that would also serve the purpose. To activate it, you may have to login to SBI internet banking and can do payment transactions just by scanning the QR code of the beneficiary through your phone. 


In case if you are facing the issue of an SBI ATM card transaction with the error code 088- Unable to process. You definitely need to apply for the fresh one. Even if your existing card is working, there is an indication that it would stop working sooner or later. It’s certain that there is something wrong with the card and believes me it’s painful if it occurs when you need money urgently. 

Considering that you are not conversant with technology, then having SBI YONO or its internet banking is out of the question. Ultimately you would end up purchasing goods on credit which is a big no-no. 

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  1. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and the rest of the website is also very good.

  2. Excellent advice. The customer care asked me block the card and apply again for new one. As given in ur article, I cleaned the surface softly with a fresh lintfree cloth and the card WORKED. As good as new. Thanks. I always keep it in a zip lock cover…


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