What is PNB One? How to Register PNB One Mobile Banking Service?

PNB One is a mobile banking application from Punjab National Bank. The application allows you to access your bank account 24/7 throughout the year. The bank provides all major banking transactions on this single platform. As we all know, Internet Banking plays a major role in our daily lives. Using it saves us valuable time … Read more

Banking On Smartphones: The Way Banking Has Emerged.

Mobile banking is one of the most exciting developments in financial services today. It’s changing the way we bank, shop, pay bills, and manage our finances.  This change and shift from brick-and-mortar banking toward digital banking is happening quite fast. Using a terminal desktop or laptop is another thing. But the spurt of mobile banking … Read more

10 most Common Problems of using Online Banking Services

The problem we face while using online banking is sometimes quite discouraging. It may be just because of a small issue, or it can be a tough one too.  Small issues are okay as long as you know how to troubleshoot, there is no problem at all.  But the really tough one is something very … Read more