SBI ATM PIN Generation at ATM Booth.

Have you got the SBI ATM card that you applied for recently? When you get it, the card needs to be activated. It has been seen multiple times when we try to generate a PIN for the new card, the system sometimes prompts please activate your card. 

Do you know that SBI sends these cards in inactive status just to avoid lending to the wrong hands? The ATM card needs to be activated and it will be done by the bank only. 

So, if such is your case, please go visit the nearest SBI branch and get it activated. Then proceed for PIN generation. 

ATM card activation

What charges does the bank levy on SBI ATM card? 

There is only an annual maintenance charge. For using a card and activation it’s free of course. 

There will be transaction charges from time to time but it usually depends on how you use your card. Transactions are done on the online platform and other retail outlets are free of transaction charges but if you do a transaction visiting your bank there may be nominal charges. 

SBI savings Bank account does have a limited number of transactions in a month. If it goes beyond that charges may apply. It does not include online transactions and transactions induced by ATM cards online and other retail outlets. 

How to generate SBI ATM PIN?

  • Swipe the ATM cum Debit card in any SBI ATM. 
  • Select the PIN generation menu from the options. 
  • Enter your 11 digits SBI account number and proceed further by clicking the submit button. 
  • The system will prompt you to enter your Registered Mobile Number (RMN). Provide it and confirm. 
  • The system will check whether the account number and RMN provided by you match with data available in the SBI server. If all is well system will prompt the following message Your green PIN will be shortly delivered to your registered mobile number
  • Within seconds you will be getting the message on your mobile number. The OTP will be 4 digits number written in the alphabet, for example, Two Three Six Four
  • Since this OTP(One time password) will be valid for only 48 hours, you need to activate your SBI ATM card within the time period.
  • Again swipe your ATM card at any SBI ATM machine. 
  • Go to banking, use OTP as your login PIN and select the PIN change option. 
  • Provide the new PIN as you wish. It can be any 4 digits random number. 

Why does your ATM PIN generation fail? 

There could be many reasons for that. To find out why it is happening, you need to fix certain issues with your account. 

Your problem could be any one of these

  • ATM card of an inoperative account can not be activated. You need to submit KYC and activate your savings Bank or current account and go for PIN generation. 
  • The wrong mobile number could create the same problem. You need to provide your registered mobile number (RMN) only. 
  • The card needs to be activated before you proceed with PIN generation. This can be done by your bank only. 
  • Others are OTP delivery issues which you need to keep on trying. If you receive other bank alerts to your RMN you should be able to do it sooner. 

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