Balance Enquiry in Canara Bank Account| Know the Best Way of Doing it 

Canara Bank is one of the popular PSU banks in India. The bank was founded by Ammembal Subbarao Pai in the year 1906. A bank that has withstood a century must have a remarkable journey to reach here. Headquartered in Bangalore, today, there are over 9700 branches across the country with over 87000 employees

The bank offers various kinds of banking services to its customers. When we speak of personal banking, the bank offers a range of personal banking products. You will find services such as savings bank account opening, internet banking, UPI-enabled mobile banking, and investment in both fixed deposits and money market instruments. You may also find banks serving many governments sponsored deposit and loan schemes. 

To name a few, we have the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, PPF account, and insurance schemes such as PMSBY and PMJJBY. The bank also provides government pension schemes such as APY and NPS. 

Besides deposit schemes, you may also find various personal loan schemes too. Ranging from loans against salary accounts to loans against security such as fixed deposits and other securities. 

The Bank Account That We Have

Bank accounts can be of many forms. It can be a normal savings bank account or it can be a business current account. You can also have other specified bank accounts such as an account for salary, a checking account, or an overdraft account; the list just goes on.

Let’s see about the maintenance of accounts. When we have these accounts, the main concern is how we operate them. What are the basics that the bank wants us to know?

In its simplest form, a bank account enables you to receive money and pay money to anyone. So, all you got to understand is how to accept funds and how to pay funds.

To accept funds, either a cash deposit or an electronic fund transfer is allowed. And to send money, you have a chequebook, online banking, mobile banking etc.

Knowing the basics of cash deposits and fund transfers is all that matters. And when you know well enough about them, you will be at the peak of understanding any kind of banking transaction.

Canara Bank Balance Check 

When you have a bank account, there’s always a need to check the account balance. We have compiled some of the best ways to check account balances. 

Balance enquiry in Canara Bank is quite easy and you may get a number of ways to do that. Some of the best means to check your balance in your Canara bank account are Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, missed call service, ATM, Passbook, Account statements and visiting banks. 

This means bank account maintenance is like never before. Literally, it’s operable at your convenience. All you need is a smartphone with good internet connectivity. The rest is at your fingertips. 

When you prefer visiting a bank, that’s another thing. But, if you are having a tight schedule, this post might be useful. 

Canara Bank Missed Call Balance enquiry 

If you are an NRI customer maintaining a bank account in Canara Bank, you can use the Missed call facility specially designed for NRI customers. 

Make a call on this number 919015483483 from your registered mobile number. The call will be auto terminated and as soon as the call disconnects an SMS containing your account balance will be delivered to your RMN. 

Moreover, you can get the service across the globe.  

To simply enquire about bank account balance call 919015483483, for an account balance of 3 accounts in Hindi, call 919015613613 and for the last 5 transactions call 919015734734. 

Canara Bank balance enquiry numberMake a missed call to 09015483483 (in English) 09015613613 (in Hindi)
Canara Bank balance check SMS mode560760 send SMS in the format CANBAL<space>USERID<space>MPIN For eample CANBAL xxxxxx 1234
Canara Bank balance enquiry number-Mini StatementMake a missed call to 09015734734
Canara Bank balance check-Missed call number09015483483
Canara Bank enquiry Toll-Free number18001030/1800 425 0018/1800 103 0018/1800 208 3333/1800 3011 3333
Canara Bank balance enquiry number-Mini Statement-NRIMake a missed call to 0919015734734
Canara Bank balance enquiry number- NRIMake a missed call to 0919015483483

Canara Bank Account Balance Enquiry with ATM Card

ATM cards are one of the most preferred financial tools used across the country. It is such a handy plastic card that handles almost all of your daily financial needs.  

The balance enquiry service can be used at any ATM. Be it a Canara Bank ATM or another bank ATM, you can use your ATM to check your account balance. Here’s how you do- 

1Insert your ATM card into the card panel. 
2Enter the PIN and select the Balance Enquiry option. 
3The system will process your request and display the account balance to you. 
4 If required, you have the option to print a receipt. 

Canara Bank Account Check With Account Passbook

As you know, a passbook is an integral part of owning a savings bank account. It records all your financial dealings in the form of debits and credits.  

Whatever funds you have transacted on your bank account will be recorded and when you update the account passbook, you will get the running balance printed on it. 

Canara Bank Account Check With Internet Banking

The banking that you do online is Internet banking. If you happen to use the Canara Bank net banking facility, you may easily access your account and get the account balance in real time. 

1Open the browser and access Canara Bank’s Internet Banking page. 
2Login using your net banking credential User ID and login password. 
3When you land on the main page, the bank details menu will be shown on the page.
4Click on it and you will be able to see your current bank account balance. You may get the option to download the account statement too. 

Canara Bank Account Balance Enquiry on Mobile Banking

Canara Bank has a mobile banking app by the name of Canara ai1-Mobile Banking App. Earlier the mobile banking app was known to be Candi.  

A mobile banking service is a kind of service that enables you to access your bank account on your smartphone. The user has to activate the service by installing the mobile banking application of the bank. Canara Bank has the following mobile bank apps.

1Canara ai1-Mobile Banking App.- It allows you to access your bank account with a user ID and a password. A number of banking facilities are available with the service. You can transfer funds within the same bank or with other banks.
2You may also get other non-financial facilities such as cheque requests, transaction and balance enquiry, open FD account etc.
3Canara e-Passbook- The e-Passbook is a digital passbook that allows you to download and archive your statement just like a physical passbook you have. Though, here you have to have login credentials.
4Canara OTP- Whenever you are having an issue of not getting an OTP for a particular transaction, you may generate OTP with the Canara OTP app and complete the transaction.

Canara Bank Account Balance Check on UPI application

There are a number of UPI-enabled mobile applications. You may find these apps on Google Playstore. Some of the popular UPI apps are Cred, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Paytm, and Phonepe.

You can link your Canara Bank Account with these applications and activate the UPI services. The activation process is not difficult at all. It happens in minutes and most of them are well-guided self-explanatory types of registration.

An ATM card may be needed to complete the registration process. When you are done registration, you may be able to check your Canara bank account balance as and when required.

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