Fraudsters using Myntra to dupe people ! What should you do?

For those who received this kind of mail, please be careful. Fraudsters are very near to you than you expect. I received this letter somewhere in June 2020. While I was leaving for my office, my security guard hand me the envelope. 

New Year Dhamaka Frauds

In the name of Myntra!

My address was written and it was sent through ordinary post, not as a registered post.

I open the letter and what I found inside it was just ridiculous. You won’t believe what I got.

Fake certificate

Not only this fake certificate of achievement but also a letter of undertaking where is shown as if it originated from the Prize Department Myntra. It displays how to claim the prize money including redemption rules.

Fake offer
Fake offer

They have provided a scratch card too. Unfortunately, I am unable to show you that. But what they say is to scratch it and send the code to Prize Helpline Number or SMS Helpline Number +918585879760.

They also asked you to fill up a form where you are required to fill in your Name, Bank account number, IFSC code, mobile number, Date of birth, PAN number, and Aadhar number. It’s like they are trying to get all our details there. And this form has to be WhatsApp to this number +918585879760.

And by the way, I was given the opportunity of getting Mahindra Thar, which according to them will be delivered to my address. Duh! Are you serious bro?

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So, after giving it a thought I start taking up the matter. You see, just by the look, it’s pretty clear that something is wrong with it. It freaked me out that my home address is in the data of fraudsters and they already know that I am a regular customer of Myntra. You know, my wife is a heavy user of online shopping.

Later I composed myself knowing the fact that only by addressing fraudsters could not bring any harm to my family.

What left me thinking is how do they get my address? And the official address given there really exist or not? I google it and there you go. I found nothing like that address even exists. I then talk to Myntra’s customer helpline. They asked me to mail it and I did give all the details and photos of the letter.

Myntra confirmed it may be a 99% fraudster doing it, as they don’t have any such  New Year Dhamaka Offer or scheme. 

The conclusion is that it’s a fraud trying to get my details.

Modus Operandi

These fraudsters act like an employee from Myntra. They will send several letters randomly to anyone. Say if the number-letter sent was 100, out of it if one person falls into the trap. It’s still going to work for them. They will easily dupe him for around Rs 20000/- to Rs 50000/-.

They will confirm that you have won the draw. In a step-by-step manner, they will make you believe that it is a genuine one. Once they have earned your trust, they will start extracting details from you.

Here, in my case, I was told that the vehicle will be delivered to me within 15 days from Kolkata. Provided I have to deposit the tax and transport portion amount to their account. 

So, their main objective is to make us believe what they say or offer. Once we initiate the process and deposit cash into their account. They will just vanish away in thin air. Their main motive is to play with our brittle minds which are very easy to fall for “easy to get offers”.

How did fraudsters get my address?

I guess there are lots of ways fraudsters can get your mobile number, address etc. Just think it over, how many application forms have you submitted till now? It’s more than what you can count. Moreover, it’s a digital era and it’s pretty easy to find someone on the internet too. Say, through social media, you can find a person what he does, what he likes and where he is from. So, it could be from anywhere fraudsters are getting these details.

What can they do with my address?

Not to worry, they can’t do anything with the address and mobile number. To complete their fraudulent actions, they need other details such as PAN number, Aadhar number, account details, IFSC code of your bank etc.

If any such thing occurs to you, what should you do?

  • Do not contact us directly at the number provided.
  • Do not believe in what you see, and do not fall for the “easy-to-get offer”.
  • Google it or search in your favourite search engine and see reviews if available.
  • See if the official address mentioned is genuine or not.
  • Get confirmation from the original office. Here it is Myntra
  • Do not share what fraudsters ask you.
  • If you compromise your details, without wasting time do FIR to the nearest cyber crime office and notify your banker.

Thus, overall it’s quite a show, but we need to be extra careful when we are offered things that we did not anticipate. Like in a normal routine, it’s never going to happen, but you stumble anyhow. The best way is to avoid and think smartly to safeguard your hard-earned money.

Stay safe and stay blessed!

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