Why SBI YONO web portal not working? How to Access Netbanking?

The State Bank of India, the largest commercial bank in India, offers a wide range of services online. But lately, it has been seen that SBI has discontinued the web portal of the YONO internet banking service.

Let’s see why it was sunsetted and what alternate options the bank gives us.

SBI YONO web portal, why isn’t it working?

We have used the SBI YONO web portal before, but as of now, the website is down. 

We don’t expect the site to be up and running sooner. The bank has already notified us about the sun setting on the web portal.

Although the application-based YONO will be active for both personal and non-personal users.

The web portal for personal banking has been taken down mainly because the SBI internet banking portal has been running quite effectively and with more efficiency.

Corporate users can still enjoy the YONO web portal, though it’s only a personal account YONO which has been discontinued.

YONO web portal
As you can see, for personal banking, there’s no option for YONO though you can use YONO for corporate banking.

The site was updated quite recently, in the year 2021. The bank has announced the sun-setting SBI YONO web portal for personal banking.

It was also declared that corporate Internet banking users may continue using the SBI YONO web portal.

Even if you try to go by going to the bank’s YONO URL, it will not work out.

The URL of the SBI YONO web portal is https://www.sbiyono.sbi/wps/portal/login

When you go to the above URL, a message will pop up saying the SBI YONO web portal is discontinued wef 1st December 2021.

The site will direct you either to download applications or visit the bank’s official website, https://onlinesbi.com

SBI YONO web portal

The above screenshot is of the SBI YONO web portal. 

When you search in the search engine, you may find the login page as above, but you would not do much.

The login button has been removed, and you would not have the login option.

The irony is that the bank is not completely putting down the website if it’s not servicing it. Who knows, maybe after a few months or years it will take down.

But the site will direct you to go to either the Apple Store or Google Play Store as per your device to continue using SBI YONO on the mobile platform.

Why did SBI discontinue the YONO web portal?

There could be many reasons but when we see them, the plausible reasons may be as follows:

  • The bank has a better Internet banking website, which does not require upgrading to the YONO platform.
  • Keeping both the Internet banking website and the SBI YONO web portal does make sense. It will be costlier to maintain both.
  • SBI YONO web portal is basically internet banking with another name.
  • Customers are more familiar with the earlier version of internet banking, which has a better user interface.
  • The State Bank of India may come up with a better Internet banking interface, but coming back from the SBI YONO web portal is far-fetched. 

If you are looking to use SBI YONO, you cannot use the web portal as it has been discontinued.

The alternatives are either to download the application from the App Store or Google Playstore

Or visit the SBI internet banking official website, onlinesbi.com to avail of the benefits.

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