E-Mail ID of SBI Branches- How To Find It.

State Bank of India is one of the largest commercial banks in India. The bank caters to around 45 crore customers across the globe.

SBI is one of the most famous banks people choose to bank with. With a range of products and services, SBI stands out with its unique features in every field of personal finance and other business areas.

If you are in a banking relationship with SBI, you may need to have the contact number and email ID of the bank. It may help you resolve small issues such as requesting a statement of account, submitting documents, or letting your bank know about your whereabouts.

We have a few tricks to know the email ID of SBI branches. Here’s how you can find the SBI branch’s email ID.

Email ID for SBI Branches

It’s quite easy to get the email ID of SBI branches if you know the branch code. The SBI branch code is a 5-digit numeric number that can be found on your passbook and chequebook.

On the first page of your passbook, where your personal details are printed. Go through it; you may see the branch code on it. On the chequebook, you may find it on the first page where the owner’s details of the cheque are mentioned.

The email ID for SBI branches is sbi.branchcode@sbi.co.in. If your branch code is xyz, the branch email ID would be sbi.00xyz@sbi.co.in or if the branch code is 12345 then it would be sbi.12345@sbi.co.in

Finding Email of SBI Branch on Other Media

Other than the above method, there are other ways to know your SBI branch email ID.

1. Refer to your passbook to find it. On the front page, you may find the email ID of the branch.

2. You can also refer to your chequebook where it can be found printed on the front page along with the personal details.

3. If you know the IFSC number of your branch, you can know the branch code. For instance, if the IFSC number is SBIN0012345, then the branch code will be 12345.

4. You can browse SBI’s official website and look for a branch locator. A branch locator is a tool that can provide you with the exact location and details of a bank branch.

You can search by location as well as by the name of the branch. If you know the branch code, it becomes quite simple to know the branch email ID, including other details of the bank such as MICR code, branch code, swift code, IFSC number, etc.

These email addresses are just for branches. When you want to contact to your SBI home branch, it may serve the purpose. The bank also as designation based email IDs too. For instance, agmcustomer.lhoahm@sbi.co.in or email ID specifically meant for specific utility such as report.phishing@sbi.co.in which is used for reporting cyber crimes incidents.

How To Find SBI Branches Email ID

If you get the branch code, you get the email ID of that particular branch. SBI branches have the same email structure, which is sbi.branchcode@sbi.co.in. Here’s how you get the branch code:

  • If you know the name of the branch, just Google it. You would get the branch code instantly.
  • Refer to your passbook, not only the branch code; you may also find the branch email ID on the front page.
  • See the first page of your chequebook. You will get the email ID along with other details.
  • Login to your internet banking and go to my account section. You may get the branch code under the account enquiry menu.
  • Download or obtain a bank account statement; your bank account branch code is mentioned on every statement that you obtain.
  • If you have access to SBI YONO, you might be able to get the branch there too.

You can also link your email ID with the bank account. It will make things easier when applying for a bank account statement. Here’s how to register email ID with your SBI bank account.


Having knowledge about your bank contact details is always useful. There are times when we are unable to visit the bank. When you have certain documents that need to be submitted urgently, having a branch email ID is quite useful.

At SBI Bank, knowing the branch email is simple. All you need to know is your branch code. The rest are the same for every branch out there in the country. The email ID for SBI branches goes like this: sbi.branchcode@sbi.co.in.

Well, that’s the whole point. Find the branch code, and your branch email ID will be with you.

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