Failed Cash Deposit at CDM? Here’s What You Need To Know.

When you have encountered a failed cash deposit at a cash deposit machine or cash recycler machine, there is a sense of insecurity about getting back the stacked money.

It’s natural, as some of you might get hyper-tensed due to non-credit to your bank account.

The reasons for failure may be several, but the good thing is that you can easily get your money back with a simple process.

What are CDM and CRM?


CDM stands for Cash Deposit Machine, whereas CRM stands for Cash Recycler Machine. A CDM machine is a standalone cash machine that works the reverse way of an ATM.

You can deposit cash up to ₹49950 into your bank account per transaction. A cash recycler machine, on the other hand, is an ATM cum CDM. You can deposit money as well as withdraw money from CRM.

How Much Can You Deposit in a Cash Deposit Machine?

How much can you deposit at CDM

The wonder of CDM is that whether you have an ATM card, a debit card or not, you can still deposit cash into your bank account. The option to deposit cash with or without a debit card is available.

With an SBI ATM card, you can deposit up to ₹2 lakhs in any SBI CDM or recycler machine. Without an ATM card, it will be only ₹49950.

Also, as per the reserve bank’s guidelines, a bank account without a PAN number can deposit a maximum amount of ₹49950 only.

So, we know the amount that can be deposited, but what number of pieces does the CDM accept? And yes, it would be 99 pieces per transaction.

Why Did Your Money Get Stuck?

Why money stuck at ATM

There may be several reasons but the problems we have seen are power cuts in the middle of a transaction, cash recycler issues, cash retractor issues, invalid inputs of note pieces, fake notes detected, torn money in the lot, etc.

The system starts counting your money with a shuffling noise, and suddenly it stops, leaving you clueless about what is going on behind.

The worst part is that the system prompts your transaction to fail or be rejected without giving you back your money.

Another scenario is that, unknowingly, you included a few torn notes in the lot that you inserted in the cash acceptor.

Normally, what happens is that the system accepts all the good notes and gives you back the unaccepted notes during the transaction.

Sometimes, CDM fails to do so, and you are caught in the middle of helplessness.

In the stack of money that you have inserted, if there are fake notes, the CDM machine will detect and identify the fake note, and it will not refund you.

Providing an invalid amount is the last thing that makes your transaction fail. Usually, CDM accepts denominations of 99 notes, irrespective of what denominations you have.

Whether it is a ₹500 note, a ₹200 note, or a lot with mixed notes, it will not accept beyond 99 pieces.

If provided, CDM will return your money and ask you to provide the proper denominations again. Sometimes, it does not happen, and your money may get stuck.

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How To Get a Refund for a CDM Failed Transaction?


Getting a refund for failed CDM transactions is easy if you know where to address the issue.

There are certain things that you need to be aware of.

These could be finding out the ATM or CDM ID, which is usually 12 to 14 digits, meeting the right person who is dealing with that particular CDM, and making a formal complaint or request to refund the disputed amount.

Here’s the process for getting the refund effectively:

StepsWhat to do?
1If your cash is stuck, make sure of getting a printout receipt.
2Find the ATM or CDM ID. Banks usually display it for their consumers either on the front of the machine or on the notice board inside the ATM room.
3Find out whether the ATM or CDM is onsite or offsite. Onsite ATMs are usually in bank premises operated by the linked branch, whereas offsite ATMs are monitored by bank-appointed vendors. For offsite ATMs, knowing the bank employee in charge is crucial.
4Meet the bank official and make a formal request, giving him the required documents, such as a complaint form, ATM failed transaction receipt, and your ID proof for verification.
5You may expect to get your funds within 5 to 7 days. It’s the general timeline for resolution. You may get it even before these timelines.


Having problems when depositing cash in CDM is quite common. There’s no need to panic. With a simple process, you may get your money back.

The only problem is that the resolution of the transaction amount may take a few days to 7 days.

In order to get back the money that is stuck with the CDM or ATM, you have to give a formal complaint to the concerned bank official.

Fill up the complaint form, attach the failed transaction receipt along with your ID card and submit it to the concerned official as soon as possible.

Afterwards, you can expect to get the money within 7 days.

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