Having trouble with SBI Net Banking Transaction Right? Here’s what you need to do…

To access your account information online, log on to https://onlinesbi.com. with your internet banking credentials.  

To change Transaction Rights, Click on “Request & Enquiry” at the top right corner of the page. Then click on “Upgrade/Downgrade Access Rights”.

SBI transaction right

Login to SBI Internet Banking

You will need to enter your User ID and Password to activate transaction rights. If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link under the login box. Enter your User ID and then click on the “Submit” button. 

A new window will open where you will be asked to enter your CIF number, date of birth and mobile number. After entering your mobile number, click on “Send OTP”. Once you receive the OTP (One Time Password), enter it in the space provided and click on “Submit.”

Your password reset is completed and now you can login.

Click on the ‘Request & Enquiry’ tab

Now, go back to the main screen and click on the “Request & Enquiry” option. This will take you to the transaction rights activation page.

Click on it and process it accordingly. You may upgrade or downgrade your internet banking transaction rights. For instance, if you want to make your account only for enquiry purposes, that can also be done.

All about internet banking transaction rights

When we say transaction rights, it is the right given to the internet banking user to do transactions as per his/her requirement. 

Someone may need only the account enquiry facility. Others may need full transaction rights to do all sorts of financial transactions. 

As per each and everyone who is using it, the bank gives options to choose from. You may get these 3 options for transaction rights.

  • Only Enquiry Right
  • Limited Transaction Rights and
  • Full Transaction Right.

Let’s find out how to deal with it.

Upgrade Access Level in SBI and Activate transaction rights in SBI internet banking

You can follow these simple steps to get full transaction rights in SBI online banking

Serial No        Step to follow    
Step1Login to online SBI internet banking using the user name and password.
Step2On the menu bar, find the ‘ Request & Enquiry’ option and click on it.
Step3Under it, you may find the option for upgrading your access level.
Click on ‘Upgrade Access Level’ and proceed.
Step4The next page will show you the list of accounts along with the current access level.
It may be View only, Limited Transaction Rights and Full Transaction Rights. 
Step5Select the Full Transaction Rights from the dropdown menu and hit the submit button.
Step6You may get the option to activate full transaction rights on your own with the OTP sent on your registered mobile number or you may select to be processed by the bank.
Step7On receiving an OTP, do paste it and confirm.
Step8It may take a while to process it in the system. Normally, within 48 hours you should get the full transaction rights.

The above-mentioned steps are easy to understand. Just follow and your transaction right will be activated the next day.

Opening account for the first time and SBI YONO

New internet banking users might receive a message indicating “you are on view rights.” This means the account is limited to viewing only. However, SBI bank provides simple online and offline methods to enable full transaction rights.

It can be done through SBI YONO too. But this message does not come if you choose full rights while activating or registering YONO for the first time. We have seen though you can get the full transaction right, the profile password setting is not given an option in YONO registration.

To get your profile password settings, you may have to login to the bank’s official website and access it. The system automatically prompts you to set the profile password in the first login.

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