Tracking SBI ATM Card Made Easy: Tips for Card Tracking

An ATM card is a tool that allows you to access your bank account through an ATM (automated teller machine) 24/7 from anywhere.

The SBI ATM card is one of the popular debit cards that people across the globe use.

Being a cardholder, you may need to apply for or replace the existing card when it expires. Or when you open a new account, if the ATM card is provided on the spot (a welcome kit account), it’s great.

Otherwise, your ATM card will be delivered to your home address. The same is true when you apply for or request a replacement. The issuing department of SBI sends you the parcel through India Postal.

The delivery period is expected to be 5 to 7 days from the dispatch date. Well, it is good when the card is delivered within the time limit, but there are several cases when the consumers are not getting the card on time or the card’s status is unknown.

In this post, we will be discussing about- the SBI ATM card tracking system.

Understanding the Importance of Tracking Your SBI ATM Card

Tracking SBI ATM card

Tracking an SBI ATM card should not be difficult. Well, it’s agreeable that sometimes the tracking system may not give you the desired result, but the process of tracing the SBI debit card should be easy.

There are several ways of doing it. One can perform the process from his mobile phone too. Before going into the step-by-step guide on this, let’s understand the importance of tracking your SBI ATM card.

Serial NoWhy it’s Important
1Even if your residence is not traceable by the postman, when you track your card and meet the postman, your next parcel won’t have any problems with non-delivery.
2If your SBI ATM card is not delivered to your address, the bank may charge you a penalty. It’s a nominal amount of merely ₹118, but you can save it.
3Even if your residence is not traceable by the postman, when you track your card and meet the postman, your next parcel won’t have any problems with non-delivery.
4If your SBI ATM card is not delivered, you have to check the address details on your bank account. Make changes if there’s a missing address, landmark, PIN, or contact number so that the delivery guy can contact you.
5If you are still unable to get the ATM card, you have to deactivate the card with the help of the bank official. Remember, the SBI ATM card has an annual maintenance fee. Unused cards should not have AMCs.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking Your SBI ATM Card

Guide to track SBI ATM

Let’s now see how you can proceed to track your SBI ATM card swiftly. There are several ways to track your card, but first of all, let us know how to get the speed post tracking number and the present status of the SBI ATM card.

Below are the requirements to track your SBI ATM card:

  • A registered mobile number to get the status of ATM card issuance and delivery updates.
  • Mobile banking applications such as SBI YONO.
  • Internet banking service to check the card status online.

The user credentials of SBI YONO applications and SBI Internet Banking are the same. Though, you can set MPIN for SBI YONO to have easy access.

Knowing SBI ATM Card Delivery Status with SBI YONO App.

You can rely on SBI YONO as well as SBI YONO lite to get the details. Using SBI YONO lite, you can surf with the below process:

  • Download SBI YONO lite, install it and activate it if you are a first-time user. The Internet banking username and password are the login credentials.
  • Once you login, go to the manage cards section and click the manage debit card tab.
  • Further, select the Account Number tab for the card you wish to know the delivery status.
  • Enter the month and year of the application and click the submit button.
  • The system will display the dispatch details on the screen.

How to Check SBI ATM Card Delivery Status with SBI Net Banking

SBI Net Banking is another preferred mode to check the status of your ATM card. The system is quite efficient in getting the details.

You may browse the site using the process mentioned below:

  • Go to your SBI Internet banking page
  • Login with your username and password.
  • Search for the e-service menu option and select the ATM card services button.
  • Click the Request ATM/Debit Card button. You will have options to browse Apply or Enquiry.
  • Select the enquiry tab and enter your SBI account number for which the card is requested.
  • Afterwards, provide the month you applied for the ATM card and press the submit tab.
  • You may see the dispatch and delivery status of the card.

Speed Post Tracking of SBI ATM Card at India Post Portal

Tracking ATM card

In this process, you may be required to have the speedpost tracking number. To get the tracking number, you may refer to your mobile inbox, or you can get the details from the bank.

Once you get the number follow these steps to get the SBI ATM card status.

  • Go to the Indian Post website portal.
  • Enter the consignment number of the parcel, punch the captcha, and press the search radio button.
  • The system will generate the delivery details on the next page.
  • If not delivered yet, you may be able to find the exact location of the card.
  • That’s how you can intercept your SBI ATM card and save a few bucks.

SBI Contact Centre

You may also enquire about the card status with the SBI Customer Helpline.

Please refer to the bank’s official website to get the details.

The multifunctional SBI helpline number is 1800-1234, which is functional 24/7.

What to Do When Your SBI ATM Card Is Missing

Missing ATM cards or unused ATM cards must be deactivated at any cost.

It does not give any benefits; rather, there is a risk in keeping those missing or unused cards active.

First, unauthorized transactions may occur. Second, you may have to pay a certain amount as an ATM annual maintenance charge.

You can avoid these with the deactivation of an ATM card.


Tracking SBI ATM cards should be easy for everyone. You can track your SBI ATM card in a number of ways.

One of the most preferred processes is with the SBI YONO app, which is quite an easy task.

Additionally, you can use SBI Online Banking to get the ATM card or debit card status.

To search for the precise locations of your SBI ATM card, you have to have the speedpost tracking number.

You get the tracking number on your registered mobile number, or you may ask the bank to provide the same.

Once you get this number, you can literally find the whereabouts of your parcel at the exact location.

So, make sure you have a proper mobile number fed into the bank account and that you have active SBI YONO and SBI net banking to track your SBI ATM card anytime and from anywhere.

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