5 Atm Card Problems that Are Making You Lose Money.

ATM cards have been around for decades but they still have some issues. Find out what these are and how to avoid them!

ATM cards have been around since the 1970s, but there are still some things that can cause problems when using an ATM card. 

ATM card problems and issues

Here are some examples of common problems and solutions.

Debit card PIN numbers get stolen.

If your debit card has a pin number, then it’s possible that someone will steal your PIN number and use it to make fraudulent purchases with your account. 

This is called “card skimming.” It happens when thieves install devices at ATMs that capture your debit card data as you enter your PIN code. 

They then sell the data to criminals who use it to make unauthorized charges against your bank account.

What you have to do is to be careful when doing ATM transactions.

Debit card PIN codes get hacked.

There are several ways that your debit card PIN code can get stolen. One way is through malware installed on your computer. Another way is by using an ATM skimmer device. 

A third way is by stealing your wallet or purse while you are using your debit card. Thieves also sometimes place fake ATMs near real ones so that they can watch people entering their PIN numbers.

Debit card PINs get blocked by fraud protection systems.

Bank has this smart AI which detects suspected access or trying to access ATM cards by miscreants. If such a thing occurs and fraudsters try to access it multiple times with the wrong PIN, the card gets blocked automatically as a fail-safe mechanism.

If such a thing occurs, you may have to contact your bank and request them to unblock the card. Then you may continue using the card.

ATM does not read the card. 

It’s a common issue we normally get across. There may be several reasons for the card reading problem. It happens when your card is old. Another reason is that, if ATM is unable to read your card, check if it’s an EMV card or not.

If it’s not an EMV card then there is a fair chance that there will be a card reading problem as the Reserve bank has already mandated banks to install ATMs that are meant only for EMV cards. 

Unable to apply for an ATM card online. 

Under normal circumstances, You should be able to apply for a fresh ATM card on the bank’s official website or through internet banking. But sometimes, it does not work.

The reason may be mainly because of your account status. It means when you do not operate your account for years, it may become dormant or inoperative. Such an account does not allow you to apply ATM online.

Another reason is that your account may be KYC documents deficient. Visit the bank and find out when was the last time you updated your KYC. Submit all your documents, it will work the next day.

Sometimes, an ATM card will stop working because of a problem with the machine itself. This means that you won’t be able to use the card at any other machines. However, you should not panic. Contact your bank immediately and tell them about the issue so that they can fix it as soon as possible.

It’s quite simple to handle all these issues. One has to have a few basics of using an ATM card, that’s all. One should know things such as card skimming, card hacking, phishing, and vishing, which are the tools used by fraudsters. If you know what are these and how they happen then probably there is no risk at all.

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